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The National Segmentation Of Euro Area Bank Balance Sheets During The Crisis
Reichlin, L., Colangelo, A., Giannone, D., Lenza, H., Pill, H.
Date Published: February 2016

This paper analyses balance sheet data for the aggregate euro area banking sector, in conjunction with macroeconomic variables. Our aim is to understand the nature of the instability in financial intermediation over the recent crises. We define “large changes” as significant departures of actual balance sheet variables’ dynamics during the crisis from their historical association with the business cycle. In the course of the global 2008-09 financial crisis, “large changes” were related to cross-border inter-bank flows, both within the euro area and between the euro area and the rest of the world; retail assets and liabilities and also interbank flows among banks from the same country were remarkably stable in their relation with the business-cycle. Since the euro area sovereign crisis, “large changes” have been more pervasive reflecting, in particular, the emergence of a home bias also in the sovereign bond market.
"The National Segmentation Of Euro Area Bank Balance Sheets During The Crisis", A. Colangelo, D. Giannone, M. Lenza, H. Pill and L. Reichlin, February 2016

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